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25 au 28 avril 2018

9th edition “Boho Indie”

April 19th -23rd, 2017

2017 video

Congratulations to Nadine RAUCH!


She won the TREASURES CHEST of the 2017 “Pour l’Amour du Fil” show!

Here she is with her beautiful gifts!

Exceptional exhibits, the Antique Welsh Quilts and Passacaglia, dozens of artists and designers from all over the world Amy and David Butler, Di Ford, Kaffe Fassett, Liza Prior Lucy, Misao Wada, Ségolaine Schweitzer, Bonnie Sullivan, Norma Whaley, Margaret Mew, Judy Newman, and many others…

More than 120 selected stands, workshops, live wide-screen demos and an open space for bloggers to stop and chat in a friendly atmosphere.

Our Invited Artists 2017

Amy & David Butler


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Di Ford


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Misao Wada


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SégoLaine Schweitzer


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David Butler


David Butler is the artist behind the folk modern brand PARSON GRAY. When not touring with his band Black Owls, he weaves Parson Gray into products for home, fashion & lifestyle.

Petra Prins


Petra Prins is a Dutch quilter and owner of 2 shops in The Netherlands. She is passionate about antique Dutch Quilts and textiles.

Dawn Heese


Dawn Heese is a third generation quilter and stitcher. Her love of traditional designs comes from childhood memories of being surrounded by quilts.

Deirdre Bond-Abel


Deirde Bond-Abel is an Australian quilter, now residing on her farm in Tasmania. In 2014, she opened her own shop, Hat Creek Quilts, which is located on her farm.

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The 2016 Edition was from

April 20th to 23rd!

In honor to Japan for this 8th edition!

In 2016, the show’s theme will be « Sakura » (Cherry Blossom) in honor to our guests and to the exhibition “THE BEST OF MY LITTLE JAPAN”.

We had the privilege to welcome some prestigious international artists such as Yoko Saito from Japan who will come with her exceptional pasterpieces, Margaret Sampson George, Brigitte Giblin and Linda Collins from Australia with their colorful and bright quilts, and many other surprises.

2017 “Pour l’Amour du Fil” show

Throughout the show, exhibitors present new trends, new products, ever more efficient equipment and new techniques in the Thread Arts.

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