2019 Artists

Cécile Franconie (France)

After the enormous success of her first book, France’s leading Embroiderer of flowers, Cécile Franconie, has returned with an abundance of new projects that will take your breath away! Take a stroll through Cécile’s garden and marvel at her embroidery masterwork.

Small cases, sewing twirls, wall hangings, brooches, quilts, and bags – a multitude of exquisite works of art brought together in her new book, “Quilted and Embroidered Floralies”.

Reiko Kato (Japan)

Reiko’s passion for North American country patchwork is the driving force behind her celebrated style, one that gave birth to her famous Sunbonnet Sue and friends.

Her art work is a stage where Reiko brings them to life in a multitude of settings.

Her latest book with Quiltmania is a homage to “hearts”, expressed in an abundant number of projects, each one just as fabulous as the next.

Susan Smith (Australia)

For those who love light, fresh and tender quilts, Susan Smith is just for you! Her choice of color palettes and design is reminiscent of a lovely country cottage and the nature surrounding it. Her love of appliqué quilts on white backgrounds and British quilts underlines her ever-evolving work.

Susan strives to keep her quilts current and to make them for the environment in which they will find a home. Susan’s approach to quilting is truly a breath of fresh air!

Rachael Daisy (Australia)

Rachael is an artist full of energy, joy, enthusiasm and creativity! And her work radiates with the same style. Several of her quilts have won prizes in quilt competitions in Australia and the US.

Her exhibition is made up of her most mind-blowing works of art, a combination of fabric origami and quilting carefully orchestrated with a flamboyant, Boho-Indie color palette!

Vicki Hodge (USA)

They say that, “Necessity is the mother of invention”. In Vicky’s case, this saying rings true. A lack of storage space in her home led Vicky to develop her own style of two-sided quilts.

A hefty challenge but one that produces spectacular results. Finally, the back of a quilt is just as beautiful as its front!

Ségolaine Schweitzer (France)

Ségolaine has loved tinkering with all kinds of materials ever since she was a little girl. Her work revolves around wool and she is an artist that has broken with “constraints and templates”.

Recycling, tearing, cutting and re-assembling materials is the foundation of her creations as she transforms the fabrics she loves into works of art.

Her books are an international success, taking her on trips to far off places like Australia and Japan.

Raquel Rodrigo (Spain)

Raquel Rodrigo is a scenographer, interior decorator and specializes in window dressing. She strives to bring art and design together and is constantly seeking out new techniques and creative sources so as to marry tradition and modernity,
craft and industry. « Arquicostura» is her most emblematic work.

Using traditional cross-stitch, she covers buildings, yards, and window frames, giving them a new life.

Justine Bossé KAPARA (France)

Justine Bossé is the young artist behind the brand KAPARA.

She completed her studies at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels and immediatelu delved into her passions, weaving and leather.

Justine’s technical and creative skills pervade her work, one that is rich in texture and that is so delicately formed that one is reminded of finely woven cloth.

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