Show of the Arts

of Thread

12th edition

April 22nd-25th, 2020

Ana Feel Wool (France)

The concept is very simple: Relax while enjoying the touch of soft wool caress your fingers and arms… large-scale knitting soothes as you go.

Paula Watkins (United Kingdom)

Paula Watkins is a Mixed Media and Textile Artist, Embroiderer, Author and Illustrator. She lives in the UK but teaches far and wide.

Paula uses vintage and found materials such as metal and paper, recycled and rusty objects in her work and she uses stitching to draw her illustrations. Her work is inspired by Folk Art and a love of tiny details.

Kate Aimson (United Kingdom)

Kate lives in the Peak District, in sight of the moorlands. Her work is concerned with traditional English Paper-piecing patchwork skills; philosophies of pattern design, especially in folk art; and the love of colour.

Her work reflects her interests in Nature, history, the occult, fine art, folk art, and music.

Blandine Delépine (Belgium)

Blandine is the artist behind the name « Le Petit Bûcheron , a vintage universe filled with hooked rugs, punch needles and a plethora of fantastic creatures brought to life through fabric.

Cloé Rousset (France)

Cloé loves recycling, fabric offcuts, silk yarns, wool… she combines these materials in order to breathe life into works of art that are both surprising and harmonious.

Her love of piecing apart and reassembling anew is so strong that you cannot help but want to do the same!

Chris Gray (United Kingdom)

Chris is a textile artist, designer and tutor living in Wales. She travels widely to do embroidery workshops.

Her current working style is layering many stitches and threads to create embroidered pieces that are easy to do and beautiful when finished.

Justine & cow (France)

Inspired by the encounter of a fabric, a color or a curve, Justine & Cow sculpts, sews, embroiders, explores a sweet, disturbing and dreamlike world.