Show of the Arts

of Thread

April 25th-28th, 2018

Opening preview:
Tuesday, April 24th
from 6 to 9 pm

Designers Corner

La Nippe Caméléone – Cécile Pouget

Transform old clothes into flowers, fantastic creatures, huts and a plethora of accessories.
Learn from the Rag Collector all about the tricks of her trade – rag picking and recycling – by joining her workshops and visiting her exhibitions.


Blossom Quilt & Craft – Alice Kreyder


« My name is Alice and I adore sharing my passion for beautiful fabrics through modern patchwork and other crafts. I also love working with wool and create small knitted and woven projects. »


Ana Feel Wool – tricot avec les doigts / bras !

The concept is very simple:
Relax while enjoying the touch of soft wool caress your fingers and arms…large-scale knitting soothes as you go.
Without even knowing how to knit or crochet, you can create your very own, stylish, interior designs projects with just a few turns of your arms and fingers.

Results are almost immediate as you only need a few hours to complete one project.

Objets d’émotion – Agnès Tourtet

What drives Agnes’ work? COLOR! Everything she creates exudes color, producing objects full of emotion! A large variety of materials are the tools for her creativity: polymer clay, glass, soil, wool, fabric, paper. Easy to wear jewelry made excusively by hand.

L’Île aux Fils – Bérangère Caillau & Anisbee – Sabine
France &
Designers specialized in knitting and crochet

L’Île aux Fils :

I absolutely adore playing with color, texture and geometric forms, all of which are integrated into my knitted designs – designs that use techniques accessible to all levels. Knitting is such a therapeutic moment, one that I love sharing.

By designing projects that are easy to follow and thorough, you are guaranteed to proudly complete a project with: “I made that all by myself!”

You cannot imagine how happy it makes me to hear how beginners have successfully knitted their first scarf thanks to my designs!

Véronique de Luna


Veronique de Luna has patiently studied ancient needlepoint tapestries to rediscover the techniques employed. During her some forty years of practice she has shared with hundreds of students the results of her research, and so doing brought back needlework to its former brilliance. Her modern designs and geometrical compositions renew successfully this art which she brought back to life. To supplement her oral teaching she has set up, fifteen years ago, her own publishing house where she publishes her books.