Show of the Arts

of Thread

25 au 28 avril 2018


Tatjana Golder ( stand N°1)

Tatjana is a Russian artist whose embroidery is truly exceptional. Her use of threads and luxurious ribbons, from silk to mink, are an expression of her refined talent.

Discover Tatjana’s world HERE

Jessica Grady ( stand N°2)

Jessica is a young British artist whose use of color and materials is daring! Wildly original, her embroideries are not only a joy to behold but also very modern.

Visit her website HERE

Véronique Coiffard – AU FIL DE MES JOURS (stand N°3)

Véronique’s work is the result of an expertise that she has been perfecting over the years. Whether it be jewelry or home decorations, vegetation and flowers reign thus lending to ornaments that are organic, light, fresh and radiating soft and luminous colors.

Discover her blog ‘Au Fil de Mes Jours’

Cloé Rousset (stand N°4)

Chloé loves recycling, fabric offcuts, silk yarns, wool…she combines these materials in order to breathe life into works of art that are both surprising and harmonious. Her love of piecing apart and reassembling anew is so strong that you cannot help but want to do the same!

Visit her website ‘Les Passagères’

Lillicroche (stand n°5)

Béatrice is the Queen of Crocheting and Knitting! You can find all of her patterns and books on her website at:

Justine & Cow (stand n°6)

Justine deconstructs and distorts objects, including her own work.

She embroiders, illuminates fabrics, and mends the past. Her world is extraordinary and guaranteed to bring you much joy!

Discover Justine & Cow’s world HERE

France Boutis (stand n°7)

Boutis is one of the finest examples of French fiber art and a selection of the best works, created by a group of passionate artists, is awaiting you!

Website here

Enseignement des Arts de la Broderie et du Fil  (stand N°8)

Founded in Paris in 2015, this non-profit organization pools together embroidery and fiber art professionals who offer classes, workshops, exhibitions and demonstrations. Their goal? Bring these arts closer to the public!

Website HERE

France Patchwork  ( stand N°9)

The French non-profit « France Patchwork » organizes and participates in numerous events that bring together both amateurs and professionals of patchwork and fiber art. Every month, they organize Friendship Days so that members can meet up and publish a quarterly magazine entitled “Les Nouvelles”.

Website HERE

UNICEF  ( stand N°10)

“UNICEF Smile Faces” is an educational and socially responsible activity. This creative project helps to better understand the situation of children around the world, their rights and to engage with UNICEF. Thanks to your creative talents, every one of you will contribute to helping children in need.

Pascale Goldenberg (stand n°11)

Despite the risks associated with her trips to Afghanistan, Pascale was determined to work with hundreds of Afghan women so as to help them to earn their living from embroidery. Through her non-profit organization, Pascale orders embroidered works from them and sells them internationally; a beautiful symbiosis of tradition, art and humanitarian deeds.

Well done Pascale!

Learn more about this wonderful adventure HERE