Show of the Arts

of Thread

25 au 28 avril 2018


“Unforgettable” by Jen Jonesfrom the Welsh Quilt Centre.

Don’t miss out on Jen Jones’ unique exhibition “Unforgettable – Collection of Antique Welsh Quilts”.

Jen discovered Welsh quilts over 40 years ago and fell head over heels with these antique quilts composed of spectacular designs.

She has been collecting Welsh quilts ever since and has founded the Welsh Quilt Centre. Visitors can enjoy her marvelous collection displayed in a variety of exhibitions.

30 historic and exceptional quilts, along with archival documents, will be on display.

Some quilts are released in her book “Welsh Quilts” published by Quiltmania Editions

“Passacaglia with Mr. Penrose”

Willyne Hammerstein’s Passacaglia quilt, published in her book “Millefiori”, has inspired quilters from around the globe. 30 of the best reproductions have been chosen for a unique exhibition alongside Tula Pink’s famous version that has created an international buzz!

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to meet Willyne in person and to admire works of both art and patience!

Kaffe Fassett & Liza Prior Lucy

Kaffe is a true color wizard whose magic permeates his quilts, embroideries and knitting. Immerse yourself in his universe and discover “Artisan” his latest collection of fabrics with Free Spirit.

Thanks to this partnership, in conjunction with Liza Prior Lucy, his longtime Glorious Color partner, they both have created a wealth of quilts and decoration accessories.

Amy Butler

Amy Butler is an internationally admired artist and the inspiration for this year’s Boho-indie theme!

Her work is exotic and luxurious; the fruit of her voyages and her love of flowers that she transforms into a bouquet of vibrant and fresh colors.

All of the dresses and men’s shirts of the organizational team have been made with one of Amy’s prints from her most recent Free Spirit collection.

David Butler


David Butler is an artist of all trades. Photographer, designer, quilter (under the name Parson Gray) and musician in the group Black Owls, David is the brain child behind the decoration of Amy’s stand, the inspiration for our Boho-Indie theme. To top it all off, he made the majestic elephants that welcome our visitors in the entrance!

David’s exhibition gives you an inside look at his Folk and Modern universe, recently published in his latest book “Trade Quilts”.

Misao Wada

This exceptional artist is back with an impressive collection of her newest works of art.

Misao transforms turnips, leeks and even shrimp into masterpieces!

A true lesson in poetry!


Misao Wada will be exhibiting a large collection of her work during our show as part of the launch of her new book “Stitches of Poetry”, published by Quiltmania Editions

Antique Indians Quilts exhibition-sale from Ganesh Handicrafts

Manish and his brother Mahesh have come all the way from Rajasthan with treasure troves filled with antique fabrics, Godharis, Suzanis and even some chairs with sumptuous upholstery. Your journey to a world of luxurious fabrics, vibrant colors and exquisite craftsmanship begins here…

Speaking of journeys, many thanks to Danièle Schmitt of the non-profit “Les Fils de Mirabaï” who has made it possible for Manish, his brother and their team of Indian embroiderers to be with us here in Nantes.

The Friendship Diaries

Anne Carson, author of the blog “Pause Couleur”, is the brain child behind the “Friendship Diaries”.

We are a group of 8 friends passionate about embroidery. Anne suggested that we work on a common project together. How about embroidering a diary made out of fabric? A diary for, and by, each one of us!

The idea is simple. Each participant chooses a theme for her diary. One person embroiders the first page and then passes it on to one of her friends who then embroiders the second page, and so on.

Every month, the embroidered pages are added to the next ones and after 8 months, the friends get to discover all of the pages that make up the final diary. All techniques are welcome: embroidery, patchwork, crochet, appliqué, beads, ribbons, buttons…the most important thing is to allow yourself total freedom. Let your creativity flow!!!

The participants loved this project so much that one of them, Sophie Henry, author of the blog “Cocottes & Fil”, had her students create their own diary. You can now discover the embroidered pages of both groups.

Anne Carson, Stéphanie Cayphas, Marie Gouragne, Laurence Hardy, Cécile de Koning, Cécile Landel, Susan Deprez and Sophie Henry.

Pascale, Karine, Dominique, Chantal LB, Chantal T, France, Yvette, Sabine, Christine and Jack.

ZEN CHIC by Brigitte Heitland

Brigitte Heitland is a German artist and a designer for Moda Fabrics.
Her quilts, graphic and modern, are successful all over the world, and released under the name of her company ZEN CHIC!Discover her creations published in our Simply Moderne magazine, and in her new book ZEN CHIC INSPIRED.
Enjoy the “Pour l’Amour du Fil” show to meet her on her booth and attend her two paper piecing workshops.

All Forms of Thought (La Pensée dans tous ses états)

Exhibition of Embroidered Tablecloths

Sylvie Chevreteau, owner of the boutique “A la Pensée”, had a brilliant idea! She launched a challenge to all of the embroiderers in France and the result – a donation of over 40 embroidered tablecloths representing a plethora of different styles and hours of hard work exhibited for your viewing pleasure!

Thank you to Sylvie for her initiative and Laurence Hesry, in charge of the blog, for organizing this event. You can visit Sylvie at her stand #A03 and Laurence at the bloggers corner.

Exhibit-sale: Laurie Simpson quilts

Laurie Simpson and Polly Minick are inseparable sisters. Polly specializes in Hooked Rugs while Laurie creates quilts. Their exhibit is the perfect opportunity to view their work and purchase their lovely creations! Rendezvous with Laurie at her stand #C20!

Homage to Linda Koenig


For the launch of her second book “Ratsburg Road”, Linda Koenig was one of our invited artists for last year’s show. We are sad to announce that she has since passed away. Linda was an incredible woman who touched the hearts of many. Her friends, the North Star Quilters, made this quilt to honor her memory and it is with great pride that we are able to exhibit it for you, as a tribute to Linda.