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19 au 23 avril 2017


“Unforgettable” is curated by Jen Jonesfrom the Welsh Quilt Centre.

Jen is the renowned Welsh Quilt expert, collector and founder of The Welsh Quilt Centre. She counts the quilts on display from her collection amongst the very finest there are.  She has bought and sold many hundreds of Welsh quilts and Welsh blankets while quietly assembling a collection she believes to be truly representative of the spectrum of the whole of Welsh quilting. Jen has written for and featured in numerous books and magazines and is frequently asked to talk about Welsh quilts on quilting and interior design programs on television. Jen wants to make this colorful and artistic part of Welsh culture accessible to everyone. Some of the quilts from the exhibit are part of Ron Simpson’s collection. Canadian, Ron Simpson began collecting antique quilts whilst working in the theatres of both Canada and New York, and was responsible for the inception and initial success of what is now the Quilt Association in Llanidloes, Mid Wales.

“Passacaglia with Mr. Penrose”

“Passacaglia with Mr. Penrose” is the famous quilt designed and created by Willyne Hammerstein whose books Millefiori 1 and 2, published by Quiltmania Editions, are an international success. In 2014, artist Tula Pink started to post on her blog the first blocks of her own version of the “Passacaglia with Mr. Penrose”. Since then, thousands of these quilts have been made. This exhibit gathers the best ones from around the world, along with the original quilt.

Kaffe Fassett

Kaffe Fassett has dedicated the last 50 years of his life to the world of Knitting, Needlepoint and Patchwork, promoting these crafts through his own work and encouraging others to find their own creativity. He has produced over 30 publications from ‘how to books’ to colour in design, and also tours internationally giving workshops and lectures. Kaffe has participated in various exhibitions and solo shows over the years; though it was in 1988, when Kaffe became the first living textile artist to have a one-man show at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London. Kaffe’s unique sense of colour, drive to create, and his desire to encourage others, has led to his reputation as a guru in the world of colour and textiles.

Amy Butler

Amy Butler has been “making things” all her life; drawing as early as she can remember and learning to sew at age 7. She’s been hugely influenced by her grandmother and her Mom… two dynamic women who shared their love of arts & crafts and always supported her desire to follow her heart. During her studies in art school, she became obsessed with fashion and surface design. Soon after finishing school, Amy started filling her personal creative time by making small passport bags out of vintage fabric and selling them in shops. In 1992, she moved home with her husband Dave to be near their families and start their own studio “Art of the Midwest”. Over the years she has developed a breadth of illustrations and products for clients worldwide always believing that she would continue to evolve and craft this creative life.

David Butler

David Butler is the artist behind the folk modern brand PARSON GRAY.

As a designer whose clientele has included Cirque du Soleil, Ralph Lauren, Hollister, Abercrombie & Fitch as well as Rolling Stone, Timberland & American Eagle, David has brought his tactile brand of graphic storytelling and modern heritage to all that he creates.

When not touring with his band Black Owls, he weaves Parson Gray into products for home, fashion & lifestyle.

He works from his Ohio studio with fabled fabric designer wife Amy Butler.

Antique Indians Quilts exhibition-sale from Ganesh Handicrafts

Exquisite, antique Godhari, Kantha and Suzanis. More than 300 quilts will be exhibited, along with furniture from Ganesh Handicraft. All displayed items are for sale. India will be coming to us so it’s a unique opportunity for purchasing one of these vintage Indian quilts!

The Friendship Diaries

Anne Carson, author of the blog “Pause Couleur”, is the brain child behind the “Friendship Diaries”.


We are a group of 8 friends passionate about embroidery. Anne suggested that we work on a common project together. How about embroidering a diary made out of fabric? A diary for, and by, each one of us!

The idea is simple. Each participant chooses a theme for her diary. One person embroiders the first page and then passes it on to one of her friends who then embroiders the second page, and so on.

Every month, the embroidered pages are added to the next ones and after 8 months, the friends get to discover all of the pages that make up the final diary. All techniques are welcome: embroidery, patchwork, crochet, appliqué, beads, ribbons, buttons…the most important thing is to allow yourself total freedom. Let your creativity flow!!!


The participants loved this project so much that one of them, Sophie Henry, author of the blog “Cocottes & Fil”, had her students create their own diary. You can now discover the embroidered pages of both groups.

Anne Carson, Stéphanie Cayphas, Marie Gouragne, Laurence Hardy, Cécile de Koning, Cécile Landel, Susan Deprez and Sophie Henry.

Pascale, Karine, Dominique, Chantal LB, Chantal T, France, Yvette, Sabine, Christine and Jack.

ZEN CHIC by Brigitte Heitland

Brigitte Heitland is a German fabric and quilt designer with a very modern, minimalist and elegant look. Originally an interior and textile designer she came to quilting quite late in her life: only when she was in her forties she learned what a quilt is all about. But since then she is passionately hooked on quilt making.


She creates fabric collections for Moda Fabrics and her graphic and modern esthetic is always a bit at the edge. At the same time she also earned the definition „mature modern“, which describes her ability to win traditional quilters easily over to modern quilting through her elegant and sophisticated style.


With her quilt design Brigitte brings her background as interior designer into play: She teaches how to create a quilt for a room, for its meant-to-be place on the couch, the bed or the wall by planning: Creating a color scheme for this place, exploring design elements of the room and bringing all this together to get a perfect fit. The exhibition shows a wide range of modern quilts of her new book ZEN CHIC INSPIRED