Show of the Arts

of Thread

12th edition

April 22nd-25th, 2020


Marie-José Eymar-Beaumelle, Marie-Josée Fauconnier, Marc Malossi, Marie-Jeanine Sergent

from « Trésors, patrimoine étoffes à Marseille » non-profit Organization and Monique Alphand

Join us for a stroll through Provence. Let the antique clothing of this region from the 18th and 19th centuries take you back in time. Several curators will not only be exhibiting some very lavish and rare boutis, and Marseille piqué coverlets, but will also be giving historical conferences on the subject!

France Boutis

Non-profit organization

The non-profit organization « France Boutis » was founded in November 2007 with an aim to Promote, Disseminate and Share the art of Boutis. Passionate about this art, the 4 co-founders decided to create a trimestral journal entitled, “Le Fil Blanc” for the organization’s members, as well as for all those who create wonders, needle in hand, out of “bumpy embroidery”.


Every two years, France Boutis organizes the National Boutis Show, the 4th Edition being currently in its preparatory phase. It will take place from May 10th-12th in Caissargues, France.


Due to the importance of this technique and tradition, France Boutis is working with the Ministry of Culture in order to class “Piqûre de Marseille” or “Boutis” as one of France’s intangible heritages. It is their hope that this fiber art will indeed be protected and passed down to generations to come.

Katherine Roumanoff

Katherine’s fabric paintings capture human complexity in all its density and within a fleeting moment. A destiny can be read therein: the tracks made as we step forward from infancy to old age, our secret desires, imagined happiness and the sudden blows of despair.

Her work is a reflection of who we are, a symphony of emotions and of secret wounds. Building upon layers of fabric, Katherine creates portraits that tell of our dreams and hunger. We, too, are comprised of bits and pieces that are assembled over the course of our lives. Everything is inscribed on the canvas of life, a mystery for all to see.

Annouck Lepla

Annouck is a visual artist whose nomadic impulse led her to study embroidery with the Akha tribe, an ethnic group located in the mountains of Northern Laos. Here she learned an ancestral art, passed down from mothers to daughters, setting Annouck off on yet another new journey.

Her artistic practice delves into that which is ephemeral, that which calls out to be brought back to life. Annouck’s work is comprised of recycled, hybrid pieces that invite interaction. Since 2013, she has been creating installations for public spaces. With “Autopsie d’une résistance », Annouck opens the doors to a strange laboratory where time and coral merge. A place of poetry, calm and trepidation, Annouck’s exhibition urges us to question our capacity for disillusionment or enchantment.

Reiko Kato

Our dear friend Reiko Kato will honor us with an exceptional exhibition of her students’ work. You will have the chance, once again, to marvel at the most sublime works of Japanese art.

Shizuko Kuroha

If you do not already know the work of Shizuko Kuroha, let your breath be taken away by the singular works of art created by this magician of light and shadow. Her passion for antique Japanese fabrics and her command of indigo is like no other. Shizuko’s exhibition this year will focus on all new quilts featured in her latest book with Quiltmania!

Anne Woringer

Anne is the French author of the beautiful book « Au Fil d’une passion ». Her work is an exploration of the art of dyes and discoloration combined with embroidery, creating art pulsing with potency and feeling. A true craftswoman, Anne’s work is that of genuine inspiration.

Kumiko Nakayama

For 20 years now, Kumiko Nakayama has been illuminating the traditional art of Boutis with exceptional delicacy and expertise, an art for which Marseille and its region were renowned during the 18th and 19th centuries. Travelling back and forth between Japan and France, Kumiko has taught the exquisite history and technique of Boutis to hundreds of students in both countries. Her latest works, published in her most recent book, “The Nobility of White”, will be on display during our show.

Sachiko Yoshida

For over 30 years, this Japanese artist has created works of art exclusively with antique kimonos, thus making her a pioneer in this field. Sachiko Yoshida creates exceptional, large-scale works, combining fabric choice with complex quilt designs. A Master in her field, Sachiko exhibits regularly at the Pacific Northwest Quilt & Fiber Arts Museum. We are honored to exhibit for you a stunning selection of her work.

Cécile Franconie

All our welcome to join us on our little promenade through the flowery and embroidered gardens created by Cecile’s students. A group of both budding and experienced embroiderers, inspired by two particular quilts, “hand-picked” hundreds of flowers, shimmering colors and lush materials to bring you the following exhibition:


  • “Le Menu Fleuri”, a huge success in Tokyo 2017 and,
  • “Les Losanges Brodés” from Cecile’s book « Fantaisies Quiltées & Brodées » published by Quiltmania.

It took 2 to 3 years to embroider these works of art and I would like to thank all of my students for their incredible work. I had to share with you their various interpretations which are so inspiring!

What a sumptuous stroll … all that is missing is the fragrance …

Willyne Hammerstein

Willyne’s success, notably due to her Passacaglia quilt published in her first Millefiori book, has made her an international star. An unstoppable force, she has since completed her Millefiori trilogy, a third book brimming with spectacular compositions. All of her work is hand-made with extreme precision and her fabric choice is bold, as only Willyne knows how!

Mary and Joe Koval

Over the course of their marriage, Mary and Joe have collected and sold numerous quilts, a journey that represents their love, shared memories, admiration and devotion. Piece by piece, a life together has been created and their exhibition is a pledge of their passion for antique quilts – quilts worthy of the most prestigious museums.

Betsy Chutchian

Author of several books, and one of Moda’s premier designers, Betsy is a quilting star from the United States. An enthusiast of traditional quilts, she affectionately reinterprets their charm to create contemporary “classics”, often using her own reproduction fabric collections. Visiting Betsy’s house will be like taking a trip back through time, where the change of seasons are commemorated with the decoration of quilts.

Max and Louise

Lisa Kerr & Louise Lott –

“We are two friends who love to sew and spend time with other quilters. Together we create what we love most, quilts  inspired by antique treasures.”

Behind the “Max & Louise Pattern Co.” are two Australian friends, Lisa Kerr and Louisa Lott, who share a joint passion for quilts. Together they create, adapt and reproduce, with outstanding talent, what they love most – antique and traditional quilts. We are proud to announce the launch of their first book and to exhibit all of the quilts found within during our show.

Pamela Goecke Dinndorf

Pamela is the visionary designer behind “Aardvark Quilts”. Her work is wildly graphic and original thanks to her color and fabric choice. Her latest book will be launched during our show where you will have the chance to delve into a world embellished with stripes and resounding with a strong beat to mark the rhythm.

Mieke Duyck

Mieke Duick is a Belgian quilter who creates works of art that are both modern and classic. Thanks to her fertile imagination, she chooses fabrics and blocks in such a way so as to create quilts that are astoundingly original. Mieke is a master at sewing and machine quilting and ensures that her knowledge is accessible to everyone. We are very honored to welcome such a dynamic and enthusiastic artist for this year’s show.

Join Mieke on Instagram HERE and Facebook HERE.

Tatjana Golder

Tatjana is a Russian textile artist residing in Berlin where she teaches embroidery with a passion like no other, while simultaneously creating the most original and elegant pieces. Her work has been commissioned by French and German fashion houses and she has won numerous prizes over the course of her career. Tatjana’s work is a combination of antique materials and modern pearls, precious stones, gilt and silk thread, all embroidered on velvet, leather and silk with master craftsmanship.

Soizic Vanney-Gatineau 

Soizic Vanney-Gatineau is originally from Brittany.

She is both designer and craftswoman of beautiful, embroidered works of art distributed by both “Les Jardins de Nana” (cross-stitching) and “Trésors d’Emi” (traditional embroidery).

Soizic’s talents don’t just end there! She is also an accomplished painter!

Pascale Goldenberg

“La Vie en Rose” exhibition : embroiderd squares made by Afghani women.

Background: The embroidery program of the DAI
The Deutsch-Afghanische Initiative (DAI e.V.), is a registered society founded in Freiburg, Germany, by a small group of Germans and Afghans. Within the framework of DAI, Pascale Goldenberg oversees two Embroidery Projects – the Shomali Project in Laghmani, north of Kabul, since 2004 and the Sharak Project near Herat in western Afghanistan since 2011. The women and young girls hand embroider one of a kind, 8 x 8 cm squares that are sold in Europe by the society. The embroiderers make a tangible contribution to the improvement of their family’s financial situation. Periodic competitions and exhibits in Europe invite textile artists to use the embroideries as inspiration for their artwork.

International Quilt Study Center & Museum

The International Quilt Study Center was established in June 1997 when native Nebraskans Ardis and Robert James donated nearly 1,000 quilts to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Nowadays, there are currently 30 different nations represented by quilts in the collection. This is an area of special focus as they work toward their goal of collecting, preserving and sharing quilts from all cultures, locations and eras.

The International Quilt Study Center will exhibit quilts from their collection at the Pour l’Amour du Fil show.