Online tickets

If you use a smartphone or if you don’t see our ticketing plateforme properly, please click here.
Helpdesk : or +32 (0)2 376 76 76.

When you reserve a class or workshop for a value equal to, or greater than, 60€ you will receive a free entry ticket to our show.

This offer is only available when you reserve your class or workshop VIA OUR WEBSITE and before our show opens.

The procedure is as follows:

– Add all the workshops you want in your shopping cart

– Then click on the cart and if the amount of the workshops is equal or superior to 60 €, you will see the following message: “You can now add an entrance ticket to your caddy and you will get it for free!”

– Click on the home, select your entrance ticket for the day you want and add it to your basket.

– After adding this entry in your shopping cart, the price of the entry will be deducted and you will only pay your workshops.

If you have any problem to get your free entry ticket, please contact us via email: