2019 Exhibitions

Pascal Jaouen (France)

crédit photo : Emmanuel Pain

Pascal Jaouen will give a conference about his work on Friday, April 26th from 12h to 13h30 at the TV station with journalist Anna Jaouen.

We have invited the most iconic ambassador of Brittany’s textile heritage…

Pascal Jaouen is an embroiderer and designer who works contemporary wonders with traditional embroidery.

Born in Brittany, and proud of it, he begins his training at a very young age. Passionate about traditional clothing, Pascal travels the region in search of techniques and forgotten stitches. In 1995, Pascal founds the School of Embroidery Art in Quimper, France thus solidifying an important and rich heritage project.

The quality of his work and teaching, notably on the ancient technique known as Glazig, has attracted over 2,000 students.

Over a dozen teachers give courses in 30 different locations in Brittany and elsewhere in France. Pascal’s work, however, does not stop there. He applies his fine craftsmanship to fashion whereby his pieces are presented in the most exclusive embroidery shows.

Pascal’s work is a tribute to tradition and modernity. As such, he is often collaborating with exciting artists, even manufacturers, bringing to the School of Embroidery Art’s Gallery transcendent works of art.


The « Secret Sewing Sisters » & Friends (Australia & Europe)

This not so secret group is made up of 8 Australian quilters, one of whom is the world renowned, our very good friend, Di Ford. What started out as an informal class, taught by Di almost 20 years ago, has turned into a family.

Always looking for a challenge, they decided to reproduce quilts from Jane Lury’s exceptional collection, Labors of Love AND invite their friends Petra Prins, Michèle Beugnon, Anne-Hélène Nedelec and Renée Ferré to join the adventure.

The result? A never before seen exhibition of 12 breath taking quilts.


Best of Quiltcon 2019

By the Modern Quilt Guild and sponsored by eQuilter.com

Never has any of the Modern Quilt Guild’s collections been exhibited before in France. We are proud to announce that 20 of their prized quilts from the 2019 Quiltcon (to take place in Nashville, Tennessee in February) competition will be on display for you during our show!


Antique Quilts Collection of Charles-Edouard de Broin (France)

Charles-Edouard de Broin feel in love with quilts while working in the United States. Over the years, as his passion for quilts grew, so did his collection.

Today Charles-Edouard has an impressive collection comprised of hundreds of quilts. We have hand-picked only the best for our exhibition this year, notably his stunning Log Cabins and Crazy Quilts.

Dijanne Cevaal (Australia)

After her brilliant exhibition in Sydney, Dijanne’s work (dying, embroidery, weaving and painting) will be presented during our show, an exhibition comprised of all new work.

Pascale Goldenberg (Germany & Afghanistan)

Thanks to her numerous trips to Afghanistan, Pascale has contributed to helping hundreds of women earn a living through their embroidery work. This humanitarian project, coupled with sumptuous embroidery, should not be missed!

This years’ theme is the “Tulip” and we will be presenting an impressive collection of embroidered blocks especially for you.

Katherine Roumanoff (France)

With a style all her own, Katherine’s work captured the hearts of our visitors during last year‘s show. This multi-facetted artist is back again this year with a new portfolio of portraits.

Get ready for a new fabric collage of personas whose emotions (passion, jealousy…) come to life.

Reveal or Conceal by Quilts Jeeum (South Korea)

This original exhibition curated by Quilts Jeeum pairs hand bags with quilts in a modern vision brought to life by 15 Korean quilters.


Françoise Grall (France)

Using ancient recipes, Françoise extracts natural pigments from plants and minerals which are later used to dye the cloths and fibers used in her work.

Weaving, appliqué, embroidery…her talent is unlimited and her works of art, a true ode to nature.

Val Holmes (France)

Val has become a permanent member of our show.

Her fans cannot get enough of her! She specializes in contemporary embroidery, mixing together a variety of new materials and fabric techniques in order to create a style all her own.