Artists & Exhibitions 2020

Every year, we re-create a gallery of “homes” for our invited artists so you can view their work in an original setting.

Etsuko Ishitobi (Japon)

A longtime, die-hard fan of Shizuko Kuroha, Etsuko was lucky enough to meet her hero at the 2012 Tokyo Quilt Festival, where she was awarded the Grand Prix First Place. It was a well-deserved honor, rewarding her inspiring work with indigo textiles and her marvelous ability to breathe new life into antique Japanese fabrics.

Willyne Hammerstein (Netherlands)

Dutch artist Willyne Hammerstein  doesn’t really need an introduction… After traveling the globe with her Millefiori quilt saga, she is back with a fourth opus, which explores English Paper Piecing and features entirely new projects. No doubt this latest book will be as successful as the previous ones.

Megumi Mizuno (Japan)

Having studied with Yoko Saito  for 30 years, Megumi Mizuno  has accumulated a wealth of knowledge, all the while honing her craft and developing her own, unique approach to needlework. Her highly imaginative works are regularly featured as part of the prestigious Tokyo International Great Quilt Festival.

Sue Ross (Australia)

This Australian artist has been making quilts for over 30 years. Blending luxurious prints with a vibrant color palette, Sue’s work exudes vitality and creative freedom. Every one of her quilt shows is a feast for the eyes, and she has inspired hundreds of quilters across Australia over the last few decades. She is also a beloved teacher, and has a loyal following at Material Obsession, in Sydney.

Jo Colwill (England)

Cowslip Workshops is well known among British quilters and those further afield, and artists from around the world converge on this magical spot in Cornwall. Jo is the soul of this wonderful place, which is part-farmhouse, part classroom, and which also houses a fabulous coffee shop and, of course, an unmissable quilt store. Jo recently put all of her enthusiasm and love of quilting into a book — a poetic compilation of quilt designs inspired by nature or animals. Last year, Jo won First Prize in the Two Person Quilts category at the Birmingham Festival of Quilts.

Bonnie Sullivan (USA)

Passionate about primitive style and folk art, Bonnie  is an American artist with a boundless talent for breathing new life into second-hand objects. With a dose of her own, unique magic, Bonnie mixes charm, elegance and vintage with spectacular results!

Dawn Heese (USA)

From her home in the woods of Missouri, Dawn  creates beautiful folk-art pieces that exude the traditional country style. Her work conjures up all the warmth and simplicity of traditional, old quilts, and will make you want to linger for hours in her Home Sweet Home.

Karen Styles (Australia)

This world-renowned Australian artist has won the hearts of traditional quilt lovers everywhere. A hexagon and English paper piecing expert, she made her mark as a designer, collaborating with Marcus Fabrics on a beautiful collection of reproduction fabrics. Her latest book, Seams Like Yesterday, is already an international hit.

Christopher Wilson Tate (England)

A British antique dealer and collector, Christopher fell in love with antique quilts and textiles as a teenager. Today he owns one of the most stunning collections of 19th Century British quilts, including exceptional large-scale pieces that recently delighted quilt enthusiasts in Houston (2018) and Birmingham (2019). @antiquequiltcompany

Mary Kerr (USA)

Mary is both a quilter and a historian. She has a big heart, that is overflowing with love for her family and friends, and for all things vintage — be that objects, textiles, or papers. Her greatest pleasure is rummaging through her boxes to fish out an orphan block or fabric scrap, and breathe new life into them. Her minimalist designs lend a modern twist to traditional quiltmaking patterns.

Tone Finnanger (Norway)

Tilda is celebrating 20 years of creativity, and we are over the moon to have Norwegian designer, Tone Finnanger, as our special guest. She will be presenting her new collections and creations — a burst of gentleness and playfulness that will be sure to delight.

Odile Mandrette (France)

Odile Mandrette, with a background in sculpture and ceramics, her approach to textile arts has evolved over time, starting with the incorporation of small bits of cloth in her ceramic works. With time, this versatile, distressed, pre-dyed and endlessly malleable material has become one of the artist’s preferred mediums. Her « Daughters of the Air » dresses, with their flying carpets, evoke a spatial odyssey — a descent into circular motion that can also be read as an invitation to dance.

Magenta Kang (England)

Magenta Kang lives in Cambridgeshire, England, but was born in Korea, where she learned as a child the art of Pojagi. Her work is inspired by nature and found things, and by wood, which she often wraps or adorns with fabric, to incorporate into her tapestries. For her Pojagi quilts, Magenta plays with transparency, color and geometry, creating delicate and painstakingly precise compositions.

Sophie Morille (France)

Sophie Morille likes to blur the lines between design, art and illustration. She brings her passion for drawing, for patterns and for color to the art of weaving, printmaking or natural dyeing. Inspired mainly by nature, which surrounded her as a child, her creations exude gentleness. In her studio at La Montagne, near Nantes, Sophie is constantly exploring her love of all things handmade:

Janet Clare (England)

Janet Clare is a british artist who has won over the hearts of quilters worldwide with her naïve and charming textile tableaux. For a while now she has been exploring an entirely new genre, experimenting with large-scale geometric compositions and minimalist designs with a limited palette. She is also a fabric designer for MODA,  creating stunning collections of contemporary prints.

Anne Kelly (England)

British textile artist Anne Kelly collects all sorts of recycled paper, textiles and other materials, which she enhances using a host of different techniques: embroidery, photography, printing and other forms of embellishment. The result: highly original collages, sometimes based around a single scrap of fabric, that have been described as “small worlds.”

Dominique Fave (France)

Dominique Fave uses boutis technique to quite literally « sculpt » fabric into landscapes. Her designs, which draw their inspiration from the Asian and African continents, also play with abstraction, mixing rhythm, texture and color with startling results.

Isabelle Cellier (France)

Isabelle Cellier blends clashing techniques and materials to reimagine traditional needlework. Precious antique textiles, found in second-hand stores, are married to soiled rags, silk is used alongside string… ISE puts her own stamp on an ancient craft, reimagining techniques such as embroidery, to which she brings a wild, figurative quality.

Angela Daymond (England)

Angela Daymond is a fiber artist and instructor, specializing in Kantha embroidery and natural dyes, who loves to share her passion with others!

Martine Apaolaza (France)

Martine Apaolaza tells stories that are lighthearted, jolly and accessible through her fiber art. At time, humor underlies the overall emotion and sometimes a touch of nostalgia does. Building facades have long been a recurring theme in her work. Since she began her Honfleur Amsterdam series in 2016, her work has evolved. She cuts her fabrics, appliqué and embroider free-hand, lending a very modern air to her latest work. In doing so, she also express past emotions! Fabric choice (new or used) is the key to launching a new project…

Sylvie Deschamps (France)

Sylvie Deschamps has been the Artistic Director for Begonia d’Or for the past 25 years. When it comes to purl, jaseron and other golden threads, Sylvie is a vital Ambassador of this domain. In November of 2010, she was nominated Master of Art and in April 2011, she received the title of Chevalier in the National Order of Merit. Sylvie has sat on numerous juries for the Best Apprentices in France (embroidery and needle painting). Due to her expertise, the most important fashion houses come to her to execute the wildest of challenges with gold thread. Next stop, Japan in March where Sylvie will be joining her fellow Masters of this art to present this French, prestigious craft.

Pascale Goldenberg (France)

Guldusi, an Afghani hand embroidery initiative, will be our special guest in 2020, with around twelve large quilts on display. A group of ten XXX and two European women collaborated on these embroideries, which tell the story of the meeting of two cultures. Each work comes with a text that tells the story behind the quilt. Learn more at:


A selection of 30 works made by members of the European members of the Modern Quilt Guild.

Best Of Japan Artist 2020

The most beautiful works by Japanese artists featured at the 2020 Tokyo Quilt Festival.

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