The 2021 Artists and Designers

Until the introduction of our 2022 artists and designers, you can still discover the artists present for this 12th edition of the Pour l’Amour du Fil Show.

More than 600 antique, traditional and contemporary textile works were exhibited. Some of the exhibitions are displayed in “little houses” decorated with the creations of our guest artists and designers.

Our guest country of honour for this 12th edition was the British Isles, and our visitors discovered the exceptional collection of Christopher Wilson Tate and the beautiful textile creations of Anne Kelly. Of course we also welcomed artists from all over the world, including Japan, the USA and Europe.

Exclusive exhibit!

Margaret Seaman (UK)

Margaret Seaman

The Pour l’Amour du Fil exhibition is proud and honoured to welcome for the very first time in France Margaret Seaman, a lovely 92 years old english lady who knitted a wooly miniature version of Sandringham, the Queen’s Country House.

While many started doing sports during the lockdown, Margaret decided to challenge herself and recreate Elizabeth’s Country Estate! This queen of the needle created a whole village which is 6 meters long (19 feet) and 3 meters wide (9 feet) with impressive details: trees in the park, chimneys on top of houses and even St Mary Magdalene’s bell, it’s all there! Margaret also knitted the members of the Royal Family so that they could join the exposition! The creation was then invited to the real Sandringham House and Her Majesty in person came to see it!

Margaret spent up to 15 hours a day during the last two years working on her knitting project, hoping to collect funds for the local hospitals that were severly impacted by the Covid pandemic. All the funds that Margaret Seaman have collected is to be shared between the Norwich and Norfolk hospitals in Norwich, the James Paget Hospital in Gorleston and the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Kings Lynn.

If you wish to help this project by donating money, please follow this link:


Etsuko Ishitobi (Japan)

30 years ago, Etsuko Ishitobi started to play with fabrics by making small decorative items that she created by rummaging through her grandmother’s trunks of fabrics. She loves ancient Japanese textiles, and more specifically indigos, with which she composes impressive art works. Etsuko first began sewing exclusively with a sewing machine but then she discovered Shizuko Kuroha’s work and she fell in love!  Shizuko inspired her to make bigger and more complex quilts! Her impressive creations will be on display at the show, and you don’t want to miss it!

Megumi Mizuno (Japan)

Megumi Mizuno started sewing 20 years ago by making small decorative items and accessories. When she moved to Tokyo, she wanted to learn the art of patchwork so she enrolled in the Nihon Vogue School to take Yoko Saito’s classes. She enjoys making large pieces that seem insane to make because there are so many small details. She loves appliqué and the traditional Japanese universe but she knows how to spice up traditional Japanese quilts by adding other techniques to her creations such as embroidery or trapunto.

Bonnie Sullivan (USA)

Bonnie Sullivan is an American Folk Art quilter, whose love for textile arts began when she made Penny Rugs, small table mats or wall rugs made in appliqué, which became her specialty. 20 years ago, Bonnie became the owner and designer of All Through the Night, a company located in Oregon. Author of many books and models with Quiltmania, she added textile creation to her list of talents. Bonnie runs all around the world to share her knowledge and, of course, to search flea markets, hoping to find new treasures! Bonnie’s passion for textile arts and her love to create can be seen each time she shares her ideas with others. Bonnie also likes to use old objects she finds in local markets to give them a brand new life, while adding her own, personal touch. It’s charming, it’s elegant and it’s the kind of vintage we love!

Dawn Heese (USA)

Dawn Heese is an American quilter and stitcher whose love for quilts began when she was a child. Not having known her great grandmother, she learned all about her through the quilt tops she left behind. Dawn’s great grandmother would bring to life the daily happenings of their lives and how each scrap of precious feed sack was kept for a future quilt. This set the stage for Dawn’s future as a primitive folk quilter. Hand appliqué and hand quilting are foundational in her work and Dawn ingeniously uses color palettes, fabrics and various materials to give relief to her work.

Author of 7 books including 2 published with Quiltmania, she teaches in France and in the US to share her love of patchwork and quilting.

Yumiko Tanaka (Japan)

Yumiko’s passion for all types of fabric, and designing breath-taking works of art with them, knows no limits. Using everything from Japanese silk kimonos, exquisite lace, wool, to an old sweater of sentimental value, this exceptional artist has created a unique style of patchwork! Her compositions are almost always embellished with, or primarily made of, yo-yos which she loves to make! 

Yumiko Tanaka discovered patchwork over 40 years ago and caught the bug immediately! She studied with Reiko Washizawa, a Japanese Master, for 30 years and has been teaching at the prestigious Nihon Vogue, in Tokyo, for 20 years.  

Petra Prins (Netherland)

Petra Prins is a Dutch artist who has been designing and making quilts for over 30 years. She already had a love for beautiful fabrics when she designed custom-made clothes for her clients in luxury fabrics. Petra is the author of 4 books published by Quiltmania and owner of 3 boutiques in the Netherlands. She also designs the Dutch Heritage reproduction fabric collections with ANBO fabrics.

She is totally passionate about the Dutch textile heritage, including antique quilts of course. Antique and reproduction fabrics are her first passion but are closely followed by more modern designs: the ones from the thirties, bright stripes, colorful dots and the freshness of large floral prints. She calls this the ‘Australian style’, a fresh happy look perfectly matching the Dutch Heritage collections, which you can discover in her book wonderfully edited by Quiltmania!

Cécile Franconie (France)

Cécile Franconie learned how to crochet when she was a teen, thanks to her grand-mother. Wishing to master other techniques, she learned, little by little, different activities linked to the textile arts. Going from small and simple quilts, she gradually made more complexe creations and interested companies that specialized in creative and textile arts.

Cécile Franconie loves to create great quilts which she then embroiders to make them even prettier, while adding volume and colours. She often decorates them with all kinds of flowers, floral themes being a recurring style in her work. She excels in the making of embroidered objects: pouches, bags, decorations, accessories… Passionate about materials, her creations are often embellished with beads, scraps of fabrics, precious ribbons and lace, combined to the prettiest threads she can find, that she embroiders with care. When she creates a new piece, Cécile lets her imagination run free, picking materials from her drawers as her inspiration comes. (Re)Discover her works of art at the Pour l’Amour du Fil 2021 fair!

Pamela Dinndorf (USA)

Pamela Goecke-Dinndorf est la créatrice visionnaire de “Aardvark Quilts”. Sa carrière dans le stylisme pour la couture et la décoration intérieure font partie intégrante de son succès en tant que créatrice de quilts et designer de tissus. Les œuvres de Pamela sont uniques en leur genre grâce au graphisme et à l’originalité dans le choix de ses tissus. Ses œuvres ont été publiées dans de nombreux magazines tels que “Quilt Romance” avec le designer Kaffe Fassett et les magazines Quiltmania et Simply Moderne. Elle a aussi sorti 2 livres avec Quiltmania: Parallel Lines, où elle démontre l’utilité des rayures pour créer des œuvres structurées et audacieuses, et Alchemy, où elle présente des quilts représentant l’union parfaite des couleurs, tons et imprimés. Elle est une véritable pionnière dans l’art d’interpréter avec audace les motifs traditionnels en compositions résolument modernes.

Pamela voyage à travers le monde pour donner des cours et conférences, inspirant et incitant ses élèves à vaincre leurs craintes lorsqu’il s’agit de choisir des tissus et tout spécialement les imprimés vintage ou les rayures !


Anne Kelly (UK)

Textile and Mixed Media artist living in the UK, Anne Kelly likes to combine sewing, photography and engraving: engraving to give depth to her work and sewing to draw and link the elements.
Anne works with several materials, such as recycled paper and fabric scraps and she mixes different techniques: embroidery, photography, printing, engraving or embellishment, to obtain original collages, which are sometimes inspired by a simple piece of fabric.

Her work is inspired by many moments of her life, her travels or her memories… It makes her work personal and unique, as she overlays, embroiders and sews her story.

Isabelle Cellier (France)

Isabelle “Ise” Cellier turns the work of textiles into a fantasmagorical and artistic language. Her world is filled with hieratic creatures wearing magnificently embroidered clothing which, despite an apparently calm outside, hide a certain unease. The artist uses ancient knowledge that she revisits: embroidery with relief, mixing of diverse textiles… Ise is an artist used to creating with second hand objects. Every piece of velvet or lace and each bit of golden string comes from her discoveries, waiting patiently inside one of her drawers until the moment her creativity decides she needs it. Knowing that different points give different results, she often switches between them, meaning that her work is at the same time a work of art and the creation of a seamstress!

Martine Apaolaza (France)

When she was just a teen, Martine Apaolaza began knitting after her mother taught her. She later started patchwork by doing appliqués with a sewing machine, representing buildings and street corners. These reproductions of everyday lives slowly became her specialty: colored shop windows, huge skyscrapers, people watching from their balconies and animals behind windows can often be seen. She directly cuts into the textiles than embroiders by hand in a very modern and personal way. The appliqués help set the scene, while the embroidery adds so much detail into these expressive creations. She tells stories and memories in an innocent, joyful and spontaneous art style, often with a bit of humor or nostalgia.

Come and discover her “Urban Love” exhibit, as well as many works of art inspired by Honfleur, a small city in Normandy.

Clémence Gueib (France)

Clémence Gueib studied costume design which introduced her to textile work. She learned to express herself through this material. Having always been passionate about nature, it is natural that she combines her two passions in her creations: nature and textiles. If her favorite theme remains the world of insects, she is also inspired by the world of the sea, and more globally by the history of curiosity cabinets.

Inspired by entomology, she sews and embroiders highly realistic textile sculptures. She tries to copy the texture, the shape, the colors of insects… Clémence likes the idea of making the material disappear in favor of the subject. 

Her creations are made of precious fabrics, silk threads, pearls, semi-precious stones…

Sylvie Deschamps (France)

Created in 1995, the embroidery workshop Le Bégonia d’Or is specialized in the use of gold threads and directed by the only Art Master Gold Embroiderer in France, Sylvie Deschamps. The creations of the Bégonia d’Or, exclusively made with the hands of a team of highly qualified professionals, can be found in various domains: decoration, restoration of ancient embroideries, contemporary art, high fashion, watchmaking, unique on command works of art… Each work is made with great dexterity and attention: their experience mixed with raw talent lets them reach new heights in matters of art! The Bégonia d’Or also offers apprenticeships for all levels in the hope of perpetuating this artistic craftsmanship.

Estelle Delphin Lobel (France)

Under the pen name of “Nod’s”, Estelle Delphin-Lobel spends her time working on diverse threads and textiles. The singularity of her creation spun around the act of diverting the thread from embroidery. To give a new purpose, she ties these threads into little textile chains. They become a thicker and more complexe fabric. This transformation is accentuated by using scraps of fabrics, ribbons or pearls, as well as textures and colours which varies the results. Estelle creates colored patterns, often inspired by nature (birds, insects, flowers…) that invite themselves on cushions, furniture, jewelry and walls. Every unique piece of work is made with patience, care and dreams so as to give refinement to each final product.

Val Holmes (UK)

Born in England but living in France, Val Holmes is a regular at the Pour l’Amour du Fil fair since her fans keep asking her to come again and again! Specialized in contemporary embroidery, she expertly uses the new textile techniques and loves mixing different fabrics together. Her works are made by using dye on cotton or linen, while including other fabrics here and there, always adding embroidery by machine. Val regularly uses textile printing for her works, offering her multiple possibilities to express her talent, her joy and her imagination. However, digital printing isn’t her only way to express herself: this year, you’ll discover dyed flowers and landscapes (some inspired by the British countryside) as well as the “mixed media” of the sea.

In her works, landscapes, the sea, gardens, architecture, flowers and even women are used to explore her main passions: light and colours.

ALVEO (France)

ALVEO, the hive of creators, offers you models of boutis and embroidery to make yourself. Every model is original and imagined by creators with various styles: Sophie Delhomme, Michèle Charvet, Florence Pacaud, Hubert Valeri, Dimitri Vontzos, Nicolas Jover. You can also find the traditional models from Boutis Provence. The ALVEO shop offers packs containing pre-printed textiles with washable ink. Every pack is 100% made in France.

Odile Mandrette (France)


After she finished her studies at the Beaux Arts de Toulouse, Odile Mandrette created her first sculptures out of clay. A couple years later, she began to add colours and small objects to her creations. This freedom will let her create her own little characters. She slowly moved on to textile arts, first by shyly adding scraps of fabrics in her sculptures, then by discovering a passion for this supple fabric, already rich with colours, being able to mold it into her wildest fantasies. Her dresses “Les Filles de l’Air (Daughters of the Wind)” inscribe themselves into a poetic field, seemingly inviting others to dance.

Discover her world thanks to her exhibition at the Pour l’Amour du Fil fair.


Christopher Wilson Tate (UK)

British antiquary and collector, Christopher Wilson Tate has been passionate about quilts and ancient textiles ever since he was a teen. For 40 years, he walked all around the globe to find unique pieces of art and sold thousands of ancient quilts, some of them ending in prestigious collections or famous museums. His private collection counts no less than 800 ancient quilts and with most of them coming from the British Isles, this 12th edition just wouldn’t be the same without him! Christopher possesses one of the most splendid 19th century english quilt collection, with some of its pieces being exhibited at Houston in 2018 and in Birmingham the following year. He opened his own shop in London 10 years ago, the Antique Textile Company, where he sells ancient quilts from the United-Kingdom’s. He also works with MODA Fabrics, signing collections of reproduction textiles, inspired by his own quilts.

Alison Glass (USA)

We are delighted to have Wonderfil, one of the main partners of the Pour l’Amour du Fil show, hosting alongside their booth, a wonderful show of Alison Glass’ quilts, a wonderful American designer who creates modern and colorful quilts. Her work will bring a bright and joyful touch to the show and we look forward to welcoming her.

Jo Colwill (UK)

Jo Colwill always loved nature and animals. These two passions can be found inside of her diverse works in the form of flowers, horses or birds whose colours remind of a lovely walk in the countryside. Her love for quilting, textiles and the act of sharing one’s knowledge, pushed her to open Cowslip Workshop in a small Launceston farm in Cornwall. Cowslip Workshop is famous among quilters from all around the world and it is common to meet artists from far away places in this magical place. Jo is the soul of this place, part farm, part classroom, part exposition barn, part coffee shop and, of course, part patchwork store! In 2020, Jo published a book with Quiltmania, presenting all of this fantastic universe, a mixture between poetry and peace inspired by nature and the various animals.

Reiko Kato (Japan)

Reiko Kato is one of the most prolific Japanese quilters of our time. We do not need to present her anymore! Known for her characters the SunBonnets, she created a whole patchwork universe for these captivating characters that she stages on quilts but also on a multitude of small decorative items. Reiko’s hand-embroidery and appliqué work is exceptionally meticulous and has captured the hearts of many quilters all over the world! We are delighted to announce that Reiko will be at the show with an exclusive booth to sell fabulous Japanese fabrics and to present a small exhibition of some of her works!

Willyne Hammerstein (Netherland)

Willyne Hammerstein is a Dutch designer, renowned as an expert amongst the other quilters for her “kaleidoscopic” works. Her 4 Millefiori books, edited by Quiltmania, have all met with incredible success and are known all around the world! Despite her time consuming work in the legal field and a happy family life, Willyne always managed to find time to sew and quilt. Retired for 10 years already, she gives quilting lessons to perpetuate her hobby and help others discover all the different possibilities there are in this noble art. Passionate about the colours, the geometrical shapes and the English Paper Piecing technique, Willyne has a unique way of creating kaleidoscopes of a remarkable subtlety. But don’t get it wrong: she isn’t searching for absolute perfection and enjoys the chams that quilts with little mistakes can offer. She encourages everyone not to be scared of trying.

Challenge Textile International

The Challenge Textile International possesses one goal: to promote textile works between France, Japan and an invited third country, by creating a series of artworks on a different theme each year. For this exhibition, the guest country is New Zealand and the theme is: Places and wonders of the world!

The association  wishes to make this challenge known by more people and create places of exchange around textile creations. The association picked 30 subjects which participants received at random. Each of these subjects was then made into a piece of art by a French, a Japanese and a New Zealander. For every subject, three different creations of the same size will be produced and exposed together. The goal is to show that, even with the same subject, each participant will create a different work depending on her technique and culture.

All through the 90 creations, every technique is used and it lets the visitors travel a little around the world. This challenge was first presented in Japan, then in New Zealand and last but not least, in France where we hope to see you soon.

Rita Kirchmann, in charge of the challenge in France.

Tone Finnanger – Tilda (Norway)

Tilda is the fabric brand founded by Norwegian designer Tone Finnanger in 1999, internationally known for her whimsical and adorable characters, and charming fabric design. We are so excited to be able to exhibit an exclusive collection of her latest work at our Pour l’Amour du Fil show. As an added bonus, Tilda’s fabric collections will be available at a variety of vendors attending the show. This is a unique opportunity to buy some of the hottest fabric collections out there!

Pascale Goldenberg – Programme Guldusi (Allemagne)

Since 2004, Pascale Goldenberg carried out several humanitarian actions for Afghan women and children: GULDUSI Project. Her commitment has helped hundreds of women to make a living thanks to the amazing embroidered blocks ordered by Pascale and sells via her association. When beauty unite with charity, the meeting is beautiful!
The Guldusi Project suffers terribly from the health crisis because all the events where the embroideries should have been exhibited were canceled. To support this cause and these Afghan designers, check the Guldusi website and discover colorful and poetic creations!
Come and enjoy the work of these women at the 2021 Pour l’Amour du Fil Show, around fifteen large collective quilts will be exhibited! Each work will be accompanied by a text telling a short story.

Akha Biladjo (Laos/France)

Discover the strange jungle of the “Escogriffes”: since 2000, Akha women from the Phongsaly province in Laos knit and embroider all kinds of colored creatures and strange characters: the Escogriffes. These creations are born from their encounter with two french artists, Cécile Pouget and Annouck Lepla, and are supported by the Akha Biladjo association. The association published “Les Escogriffes”, a comic illustrated with these funny beings, which was put into a show by Khao Niew, Laotian puppeteers. After numerous performances, travels and books, the Escogriffes climb back on stage: discover them in an immense jungle, full of foliage, flowers and fantasy plants… Come and meet these little monsters inside of their natural habitat in an immersive exposition!

Sue Ross (Australia)

Sue Ross’ journey is quite unusual: as a child, she learnt to quilt alone, on a huge farm in the middle of nowhere in Australia. Although a traditionalist at heart, she combines her love of color found in modern and contemporary art and artefacts with classic patterns and blocks. Sue dares with her unusual color, and wildly varied fabric combinations. And the results are amazing, brimming with her “joie de vivre” and her creativity! And for those who love technique, her work is a festival where she associates English Paper Piecing, Broderie Perse, Appliqué…. The display of her quilts is a true spectacle, don’t miss this incredible chance to see them live!

The Solidarity Quilts Blocks

In order to thank the health workers from all over the world and to show them our support during the health crisis, the Quiltmania team wanted to unite the large quilting community around a solidarity project: “The Solidarity Quilt Blocks”.
Launched over a year ago, this operation has once again showed how generous the quilting community is. Our artists have created 80 blocks available on our blog so that you could in turn put your hand to the needle. More than 800 blocks were sent to us, Some of you replicated our designers’ patterns while others gave free rein to their imagination! But the adventure doesn’t end here…
Volunteers and quilt associations offered their help to assemble your blocks which allowed us to assemble 35 quilts!

Once collected, the quilts were supposed to be distributed in hospitals and other health centers but the sanitary situation is not favorable for the moment. So we are keeping them preciously until we find their new homes. In the meantime, the Pour l’Amour du Fil Show is a great opportunity to display them so that you can admire this magnificent work of solidarity!

Once again, many thanks to you all for participating in this operation!

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