Frequently Asked Questions

This list will be regularly updated.

Sanitary Measures

We have put in place several measures to ensure that we can welcome you safely and to ensure compliance with health requirements:

– Increased the width of the aisles to allow for social distancing

– Separate entry and exit lanes

– Establishment of a Sanitary Pass (See “What is the Sanitary Pass?” below)

– Visitors, exhibitors and staff have to wear a mask at all times throughout the exhibition

– Hand sanitiser will be provided throughout the venue (at the entrance, in each classroom, at the Make and Take area…)

– Catering areas will be outside (food trucks will be present and a picnic area will be set up, more information below)

– Frequent and thorough cleaning of toilets and touch points (Make and Take, classrooms, TV set…)

– Regular displays reminding the audience of the sanitary measures that are to be respected

Since May, certificates attesting that Covid tests came back negative or possession of the Sanitary Pass have become mandatory in France for every meeting of 50 people or more.

Every single person aged 18 and over will be forced to show a Sanitary Pass or a negative test dating from less than 72 hours to gain access to the exhibit.

In other words, each participant will have to provide (at least) one of these 3 documents:

– a negative RT-PCR or antigenic test less than 72 hours old

– a vaccination certificate (complete vaccination schedule, dated at least 2 weeks ago)

– The result of a positive RT-PCR or antigenic test attesting to the recovery of the Covid-19, dated at least 11 days and less than 6 months ago

For more information on the health pass:

Each pass shall be crossed checked with passports or I.D Cards. Please note that as soon as your pass reaches 72h + 1 minute, it won’t be considered valid anymore, meaning we will not be allowed to let you in.

Yes, it is. Only individuals possessing the Pass (either by paper, on their phone, by QR Code or otherwise) will be allowed in. Not being able to present said Pass, or possessing one that isn’t valid anymore, will result in a strict refusal to let you in, even if you already bought your ticket. There won’t be any possible recourse against the organizer. 

Less than 72h before the day you wish to attend the show. If you plan on staying for the full 4 days, a second negative test (for the last day or so) shall be expected.

We are not setting up a Covid-19 testing centre at the show, but here are 4 places near the Exhibition Centre where you can be tested. Remember to book (on Doctolib for example) to reduce the waiting time.

Lieux Dépistage Covid-19

No, we have no plans of limiting the number of entries for the 2021 fair. However, we are putting in place measures to ensure that we can welcome you safely and in compliance with health standards. (See “What sanitary measures will be put in place?”)

For European visitors:

The European Union Digital COVID Certificate or Health Pass will be accepted only as a QR Code. Without a QR Code, we will not be able to check its validity and entrance will not be possible.

For further information, please directly check the European Commission website: HERE

For people outside the European Union:

The European Union Digital COVID Certificate or Health Pass will be accepted only as a QR Code. Without a QR Code, we will not be able to check its validity and entrance will not be possible.

If you intend to use your non-European vaccination certificate, it will have to be converted into a European certificate. Since 10 August, it is possible to apply for the conversion of a foreign (non-EU) vaccination certificate into a European health pass.

To do this, it is requested to gather all of the following documents in electronic form:

Application Form (PDF)
– the vaccination certificate, drawn up in accordance with the rules of the country of vaccination and showing clearly the type of vaccine used
– the passport
– round trip ticket

These documents must be sent (in pdf, jpg or png format) by email only, to the address corresponding to their place of residence. Attachments in format .zip will NOT be accepted.

The documents must be sent to :
– For USA citizens :
– For Canadian citizens :
– For the rest of the world :

Applications received through other means will not be processed.

To facilitate the processing of applications, e-mail subject lines must be set out as follows:

COUNTRY OF RESIDENCE / SURNAME First name / Date of arrival in France in the format DD-MM-21
(for example: CANADA / DURAND Anne / 12-09-21)

As soon as your application has been processed, you will receive an e-mail with a QR code. It can be printed and presented on paper, or added to the TousAntiCovid smartphone application to prove your vaccination status.

All this information can be found HERE

My Tickets:

The entry and class (or workshop) tickets bought in 2020 have been reissued to this year’s new dates (from september 29th to october 2nd)!

You should have received an email on the address you provided.

If that is not the case, please check your spams and if you have the slightest problem concerning your tickets, please contact us at the following address:

The 2020 invitations will not be reissued for logistical reasons but don’t worry: they will still be valid for the September 2021 edition!

If your course is maintained: you should have received an email at the end of July with your ticket updated to the new 2021 dates. The date, time and content of the course itself will not change.

If you want to be sure that your course is maintained, please consult our classes and workshops planning here: 

If your course appears, it is maintained and you do not have to do anything. Just make sure you have received your updated ticket. If it doesn’t seem to appear, please send us an email at: 

If your class is cancelled: you will receive an email informing you of the cancellation of the class concerned, as well as the procedure to follow to obtain a refund: you will need to send an email to Nathalie at TicketOne ( with your Bank Account Number and she will take care of the refund. Please note that we cannot issue a credit directly to your credit card as the deadline for issuing credits has passed.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

No, there is no reserved parking for Recreational Vehicles in the parking lot.

We suggest you park at the Camping de Nantes (21 boulevard du Petit Port) which offers a green setting on the banks of the Erdre river, and which is only 10 minutes away from the exhibition center and 20 minutes away by public transport. The setting is nicer than that of the Exhibition Center.

You can also find more information about parking in Nantes on this page: 

The city of Nantes has many hotels throughout the metropolis, including some right next to the exhibition center!

Thanks to our partner Accor, you can benefit from preferential conditions on your hotel reservation. Get a reduced rate on your reservation in several Nantes hotels using the link below:


In order to respect the sanitary rules, we have decided not to put a catering area in the exhibition but don’t worry: you will  have the possibility of eating (almost) on site! We have decided to set up different options:

– A picnic area with tables and chairs if you wish to bring your own meal

-A variety of food trucks for all tastes

– The restaurant “Les Terrasses de l’Erdre” and its welcoming terrace will be happy to have you over for a meal

You don’t need to reserve a ticket in advance. Just go to the ticketing area at the entrance of the fair when you arrive, show your proof of identity/impairment and you will receive your free entrance.

Accompanying persons do not receive free or reduced entries.

In case of cancellation or postponement of the event, you will of course get a refund of your ticket.

For exhibitors, any deposits paid will also be refunded in full.

Yes, we are! After more than 2 years without being able to organize an exhibition, we can’t wait to see you again!

We are working hard on the organization of this edition because we want to prepare a beautiful event! Thank you all for your support and please be patient until we meet again, which should happen very very soon!